As Simple As ABC....

Using the pioneering ABC process of Dr Albert Ellis, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy is ideal for people who are experiencing uncomfortable emotions such as Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Depression and Guilt and who find that these feelings lead them to act in ways which are unhelpful to themselves.

....or maybe DBT

Impulsive Behaviour

Being on an "emotional roller-coaster"

A history of chaotic relationships

Problems with anger

Feeling empty or depersonalised?

If you have experienced a prolonged period of any two of the above, learning and practicing the DBT skills of Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal and Emotion Regulation Skills, together with individual counselling will be helpful.


It can be disheartening when all the hard work you have put into stopping an addictive behaviour seems to come to nothing.

Relapse Prevention

will give you the understanding and skills you need to help prevent you returning to old addictive behaviours and lead to a fulfilling lifestyle

It's Good to Talk

Whether you want to increase your self-esteem, build your self-confidence, talk through something that's troubling you today, clarify your goals and plans, express your feelings and thoughts about something, or make changes in your life - speaking to a qualified and experienced Counsellor who will listen in a safe and non-judgemental way can be helpful and supportive.


"Groups Work"

A series of group sessions and activities in specialist areas.

Please visit my group work site for details.