Counselling Online

Don’t Miss Out On Counselling!

Don’t miss out on your counselling!

Online Video Counselling

We may not be able to physically meet at the moment, but having your counselling sessions online can still be helpful – in fact, there can be some advantages.

It’s Convenient

There is no need to go out to see a counsellor, or in my case, no need to wait for me to arrive! You can make an appointment at a time that is good for you, settle down in your chair (wherever it may be) in a private place, and we can start the session at the time you have booked.

You are not confined to my limit of home visits within a 20-mile radius of Lincoln. You can be anywhere in the UK!

It’s Private

You might feel more comfortable talking to a counsellor who doesn’t live in their local area. If that is you, then online counselling might be the answer.

You can find your own private space where you can’t be overheard. Some people have even taken their phone out to their car or found a relaxing and private place in the park for their session.

It’s Easy

I use Zoom for our Video Counselling Sessions which is really easy to use.  It is reported as secure (although, don’t hold me responsible for the whole internet!).

I understand that it’s a new experience for some people or that you might feel anxious about using technology. I will support you in getting online and try to help with any technical difficulties if they should arise.

Find out More

I have been providing online counselling for a while and all the details are on my separate online counselling website. You can find it at but please feel free to contact me if you would like further information.