Standing Strong in Vulnerability

Standing Strong in Vulnerability – Madeleine Slack

At the meeting of Lincolnshire Therapist’s Network I attended last week there was an inspiring presentation from Madeleine Slack. She is the author of the book, “Standing Strong in Vulnerability” which is a personal account of recovery from sexual abuse, and also runs the Facebook group, “Ssassi”

Madeleine told some of her story but I won’t attempt to repeat any of it here. It belongs to her and I couldn’t do it justice, but you can certainly read it in the book.

What came across strongly, was Madeleine’s Radical Acceptance (remembering, acceptance doesn’t mean approval) and her mindfulness of the current moment.

She described how she thought the therapist’s self-awareness, (and in this instance, the awareness of shame), was so important in sessions and I strongly agree. A lack of self-awareness can make us very vulnerable when hearing client’s stories and as such can be unhelpful to them.

While this is not the same type of counselling that I offer, I came away feeling quite positive and motivated after listening to Madeleine. If you get a chance to hear her speak, I would recommend it.

And as a bonus, I won a copy of the book in the raffle!

Madeleine’s Facebook group is at

You can get a copy of her book from Amazon.