Networking for Counsellors

Lincoln Counsellor Networks

We are very lucky here in Lincoln that we now have two network meetings for Counsellors and Therapists.

The Lincs Counsellors Network, formerly Lincoln Counsellors Network, was started by Jane Travis many years ago and was very successful.

This was the meeting I joined when I first moved to Lincoln and it was a great opportunity for me to meet and get to know other counsellors in the local area.  Each bring a broad and diverse range of experience.

Oh, and we get a cup of coffee and a biscuit too!

This bi-monthly meeting is not quite so busy as it was and has reformed into a smaller, more intimate, group. Generally, there are not more than six of us at a time. However, there are signs of growth again and it probably won’t be long before we need to find a new venue to accommodate greater numbers.

If you are not from the counselling profession, I would emphasise that these meetings are not for talking about clients. We have discussions, talks and presentations on a wide variety of topics such as; counselling approaches and theories, structuring sessions, marketing, reading suggestions, training opportunities, and generating ideas.

More recently has seen the formation of the Lincoln Therapists Network. I have been to two meetings so far and there have been some interesting presentations. I look forward to more.

If you are a counsellor or therapist interested in either of these meetings they can be contacted via their websites.

Lincs Counsellors Network

Lincoln Therapists Network