My Favourite Phrases

My Favourite Phrases

My Favourite Phrases

Throughout my counselling years, I have picked up quite a few different phrases that I like to use and sometimes find myself saying over and over. Some have long gone into my distant memory, but here are a few that still resonate today.

“Keep it Simple”
“Push Where it Gives”

I wouldn’t call them “mantras” as such. For me, this conjures up images of daily recital and sitting cross-legged on the floor. And that isn’t really my style, although I appreciate it might be for others.

“In the Moment”
“Feelings just are”

They can be the sort of phrases that just “pop-out” in my conversation when the time is right. Not necessarily in counselling sessions, I’ve done it in Asda too!

“You Feel What You Feel”
“Practice, Practice, Practice”

Others are relevant to the work we are doing. It might be Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy or counselling in general.

“Moment by Moment by Moment”
“What’s true right now may not be true right now”

So what are yours? What phrases do you love to use or just find yourself saying over and over?

I would love to hear them. You might even hear me saying them!

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